Welcome to the official site of the original Powder-Day Saints

Our site is currently under construction, so forgive our brevity.

Our origins date back to the early 90s when Powder-Day Saints founder Jeremy Jensen began documenting the experiences and adventures of his crew of powder hungry friends deep in the Utah backcountry. Our relentless pursuit of riding the “greatest snow on earth” has since taken us all over the world and forged many friendships rooted in a common love for riding powder covered mountains and making the most of every day. The Powder-Day Saints’ journeys and the constant pillaging of any uncut powder that lay before them led to the inspiration & creation of true binding-free Powdersurfing. In the earliest years we simply called it “surfing the pow” and eventually dedicated it’s official name of  “powdersurfing” and “powsurfing” in 2007 when Jeremy Jensen founded Grassroots Powdersurfing; The world’s first, and the Original Powsurf Company.

We planted the seeds, nourished the lands and brought forth the #powsurfRevolution. Powsurfing has since spread to all snowy corners of the earth as the non-believers were shown our light and our truth. Jeremy has dedicated his life to spreading the gospel of Powsurfing thru his riding skills, his creations,  historical records and his cinematography & photography.

This site is currently under construction but will soon contain historical photography, video and other media dating the back to the origins of the Powder-Day Saints and of course an archive of our original snowboard & Powsurf films that we have created over the past decade.


We are aware of the false prophets who have attempted to hijack our name and profit from it. They have been asked (nicely) numerous times over the past decade + to cease and desist and they have continued to disgrace our name at a cheap attempt to make a buck.

DO NOT SUPPORT OR BUY ANYTHING COMING FROM THESE IMPOSTER KOOKS. We called them out immediately when they first began using our name in vein and they continue to disrespect our crew, our philosophy and our intellectual property. They are scum. We know who they are, where they came from and their day of reckoning is approaching rapidly.